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Popular value brand PowerEdge comes to European market

PowerEdge, an automotive brand created to fulfil demand for value products in the aftermarket, will launch across Europe this autumn, DENSO has announced. The brand is already available in the USA, where it has become popular for its appeal to customers with older vehicles, looking for a more economical choice for parts replacement. Now, its benefits are set to come to Europe, starting with its range of wiper blades and air conditioning compressors.
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Quality and economy as a business advantage

PowerEdge, although marketed by DENSO, is not part of the traditional DENSO range: it is a stand-alone brand created specifically to supply competitively priced products, enabling the aftermarket to expand its offering and attract more customers. PowerEdge products have been developed to DENSO's exacting quality standards and meet the needs of the competitive mid-priced aftermarket with high quality. In addition, all products in the PowerEdge range are available with DENSO's comprehensive service offering, which includes ordering, delivery, logistics and after-sales service.

"The European launch of PowerEdge adds a new dimension to the well-known premium parts and service we offer under the DENSO brand," said Alexey Bartashevich, Senior Manager, Aftermarket Products, DENSO. It opens up a range of products with new features that support dealers and workshops by filling the gaps in their existing ranges."

By stocking PowerEdge parts, workshops can target customers with different needs and also offer their existing customers more choice, especially as their vehicles age. With motorists keeping their vehicles longer and the average age of European fleets increasing, the addition of a value-driven aftermarket brand backed by DENSO's reliability and service represents significant revenue potential. In addition, as customers can order different quantities of PowerEdge products through a single point of order with DENSO Europe, efficiency is maximised."

What does the PowerEdge launch include?

The launch of PowerEdge in Europe will include two product categories: Wiper Blades and Compressors.

To meet the growing demand for low-cost wipers in emerging Europe, PowerEdge wiper blades are designed to meet common aftermarket standards and specifications while being competitively priced. Flat and conventional wiper blades will be available, each with 12 part numbers.

The range of flat wiper blades covers lengths from 350 to 700 mm, covering up to 90% of the European automotive market. The slim design is made of high quality rubber and a unique single adapter joint that allows for optimal application and easy installation.

The conventional PowerEdge blades are optimised for durability and long-lasting performance. Like the flat blades, they are packaged in a cardboard box to reduce environmental impact.

PowerEdge compressors, designed as a quality alternative for vehicles in the second half of their life, complete the range.

Drawing on DENSO's extensive experience in air conditioning development and a worldwide network of subsidiaries, PowerEdge compressors offer the optimum blend of durability, performance and price. PowerEdge compressors are manufactured using high quality components and materials, are always pre-filled with the correct oil and are tested to rigorous performance standards.

While DENSO is already present in the European aftermarket with a leading range of original compressors for the premium segment, PowerEdge will add value by focusing on offering products for additional applications and older vehicles. Starting with a range of over 90 compressors for passenger cars and heavy-duty applications, PowerEdge aims to further expand its range and plans to add new and exciting applications and create a complete alternative offering in the coming years.

"Although PowerEdge already exists in America, we are not simply porting products from that market, but this is a completely new offering specifically for Europe," adds Alexey Bartashevich. "While the US offering focuses on starters, alternators and diesel aftertreatment products for heavier vehicles, the European offering is geared towards the needs and opportunities of the aftermarket on this side of the Atlantic.

"Our goal is to give our aftermarket partners all the tools they need to succeed. Adding an entirely new brand and incorporating new price points and customers into their business is an important step in achieving this."