Wiper Blades


General information

PowerEdge wipers offer 2 types of wiper blades – flat and conventional:

12 Conventional Blades (lengths from 350-700mm)

12 Flat Blades (lengths from 350-700mm)

  • Designed for long-lasting performance
  • Come in an environmentally friendly carton
  • Available in a range of lengths to suit your needs
  • Superb option for those seeking quality yet cost-effective wiper blades

Flat Blades

PE WB flat right PE WB flat Packaging Front Right White BG

Features and Benefits

  • Fin shaped to reduce wind lift
  • Unique & slim wiper structure
  • Slim design
  • Premium Japanese Fukoku Rubber
  • Unique arm fixation adaptor
  • Eco-friendly
Fin shaped to reduce wind lift
Reduces wind lift and ensures consistent wiper pressure
Unique & slim wiper structure
Slim design
Ensures maximum windshield contact: over 70 pressure points Patented point-bended rail spring for even pressure
Premium Japanese Fukoku Rubber
Know as the world’s best rubber manufacturer
Unique arm fixation adaptor
Fit most popular vehicles in Europe Covering about 90% of car parc
Packed in carbon cartons Full-colour packaging

Our universal application connector covers 8 different arm types and covers 90% parc coverage. We use minimal plastic waste for our packaging.

  • U-hook
  • F19/16 push button
  • C-new bayonet
  • A-side lock 17&22 mm
  • B-pinch tab, inc. BMW

PE WB overview Hooks

Conventional Blades

PE WB conv right PE wipers conv front right white BG

Features & Benefits

  • Long-lasting performance
  • Natural graphite-coated rubber
  • Eco-friendly
U-hook suitable
Covering 50% of European carparc
Robust metal structure
Protected from corrosion
Natural graphite rubber
Long-lasting material
Packed in carbon cartons Full-colour packaging

Installation and Fault finding

Easy to understand pictograms on our eco-friendly packaging show the installation of the wiper blades on the arm. Check as well our Videos about the installation of our flat blades.

Fault finding

Fixing faults quickly will ensure optimum wiper blade performance.
  • Foreign matter has attached itself to the rubber blade.

  • The edge or whole of the blade is worn.

  • The arm is at an incorrect angle.

  • The wiper blade or rubber is deformed.

  • Streaking marks on the windscreen.

  • The wiper blade jumps or vibrates as it moves across the windscreen.

  • There are spots on the screen that are left unwiped.

  • The wiper blade doesn’t make contact with the windscreen evenly, leaving large unwiped surfaces.

If you notice any symptoms of wiper blade failure, it’s worth checking the blade to make sure the arm is at the correct angle and the wiper blade is clean. If, after wiping and changing the angle, there is no improvement in performance, the blade may need replacing. It’s recommended that wiper blades be replaced every year at least.

Product information

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